Energy management system features

Supported BMS Protocols

The MindoLife system is designed to add extra capability over an existing system. In addition, it makes the installation process easier and decreases maintenance costs and efforts. To enable these features, MindoLife provides advanced integration for 3rd Party common BMS & Automation protocols such as BACNet and ModBus :


The MindoLife gateway is fully BTL Certifiable and behaves as a BACnet server representing all devices in the field, no matter which protocol they work with. The gateway is discoverable by all types of BACnet clients such as Schnider electrics HMI, Siemens HMI, Honeywell HMI, SCADA, and others.

BACnet protocol
MODBus protocol

Modbus / RTU:

The MindoLife system provides secured wireless devices (Read more about our wireless Modbus controllers) that are connected to every Modbus supported end-device. The systems and automatic way of learning a device’s read & write Modbus register the inner table and provides a two-way wireless connection to operate such devices.

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