Industrial energy management base unit

Industrial energy management base unit

The “brain” of the MindoLife system, which is connected wirelessly to every other system component to securely collect and analyze data and generate custom optimization protocols.



    1. Easily connected to the internet without any need for extra configuration.
    2. Equipped with IoT NIC to provide high connectivity and coverage for buildings.
    3. Ongoing OTA (Over The Air) updates.
    4. Can work without internet connectivity due to the local processing architecture where all data is kept inside the site

Supported industrial protocols: 


The MindoLife gateway is fully BTL Certifiable and behaves as a BACnet server that represents all devices in the field, no matter which protocol they work with. The gateway is discoverable by all types of BACnet clients such as Schnider electrics HMI, Siemens HMI, Honeywell HMI, and others.

Modbus / RTU:

The MindoLife system provides secured wireless devices that are connected to every Modbus-supported end device. The systems and automatic way of learning a device’s read & write Modbus registers the inner table and provides a two-way wireless connection to operate such devices.