AC Modbus (Wireless) Controller

AC Modbus (Wireless) Controller

A small unit installed over a Modbus (RS485) device in order to control it wirelessly, starting from controlling its features remotely,  monitoring/changing its registers, and turning the AC into a fully automated and power-efficient AC.
After a simple installation over a whole building, all the devices will be connected wirelessly to the MindoLife building management system, without any need for extra wiring.



  1. Two way secured wireless Connectivity to AC Modbus line without any need for cable wiring.
  2. Supports multiple Modbus baud-rates in the same network
  3. Easy 2 wire installation (for Modbus connectivity)
  4. Secured remote control of all main features such as Turn on/off, Fans level, Mode(heat/cool), Temperature.
  5. 2.4Ghz in 15-30 channels (does not interfere with Wi-Fi)



DC Input 12 volt
Serial Protocol Modbus RS485
Operating Temperature Operating:–15°C to 50°C
Storage:–25°C to 65°C
Dimensions 37x40x18 mm
Plastic Type PC
Electricity consumption Less than 0.8W
Radio Standard IEEE 802.15.4
Radio Frequency 2.4Ghz