Vigilance Networks
Have You Secured Your Product's Real-time Communications?

No matter what your product is, your data is invaluable. . .

MindoLife Can !
Are you ready for Network topology changes?
MindoLife Does!
Are you aware of wireless networks security and privacy breaches?
MindoLife DO !
Case Studies & Products
MindoLife Home Intelligent Platform
MindoLife provides an affordable, secured and intuitive Home Intelligent system which allows most of the people to get it, install it.
MindoLife IOT Platform
MindoLife provides an end to end solution that integrates unique security protocol and network management
What’s at Risk
Encrypting your data in IoT networks is important, but not enough. Data in IoT networks is reachable by too many unwanted parties, data that usually contains personal details about the behavior of the system, or habits and life style of the people that use the system.
Value We Bring
MindoLife platform and cloud services handles network and security issues, enabling organizations to develop highly secured and reliable systems, focusing on their own business logic.